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Surgery Centers in Orange County


We provide patients with quality Minimally Invasive Surgical care.

There are a number of emerging specialty surgery centers in Orange County, which offer a variety of unique surgical services. Amongst the top operating today include Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center, based in Mission Viejo, California. CVOSC is easily accessible, located just east of the interstate 5 highway in the medical center district of the city.

  • The trusted medical and administrative staff will welcome new patients and provide an orientation of the facility after an initial consultation with the doctor or surgeon of choice.
  • This advanced center offers some of the best preparation, operation and post-operation services, equipment and facilities today.

Not all surgery centers in Orange County are the same, however. Some large-scale centers provide extensive surgical procedures offered in traditional hospital settings, such as neurosurgery for spinal trauma. Often, patients of these procedures must stay in the center during the recovery process for additional days and observation. CVOSC, on the other hand, offers a wide variety of outpatient surgical procedures that enable patients to leave the same day of their surgery. These include such surgeries as facial plastic surgery, breast augmentation, gastric bypass surgery, podiatry surgery and many others. Typically, patients can return for brief or extended follow-up visits.

As one of the top surgery centers in Orange County, CVOSC has routinely been favorably reviewed by its many patients and visiting staff. Many compliment the advanced facility for its ease of use, as well as simple universal access. Visiting medical staff, as well as regular medical staff, have enjoyed the many varied new equipment that help surgeons perform the newest and most advanced procedures. The modern, minimal setting enables such staff to hasten their jobs to collectively create a success surgical outcome. As such, the number of procedures at CVOSC has increased significantly since the center opened its doors.


Our surgeons are board certified and experienced in a wide variety of procedures. When you visit our Orange County center, you will meet with a surgeon who will talk with you to determine which type of procedure is best to treat or correct the orthopedic or cosmetic issue you are having. During your formal examination, your surgeon will give you an idea of what you can expect to experience during and after your procedure, as well as what realistic expectations exist for your surgery. Your surgeon will also ask questions about your medical history and may use a scan or other tests to examine you for orthopedic issues. Afterward, you will receive a tour of our state-of-the-art facility. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your procedure options, our surgeons and other medical staff professionals are available to speak with you at any time. In order to stand apart from other surgery centers in Orange County, we place a focus on making sure our patients are confident and comfortable.

Why should I choose an outpatient surgery center for my procedure?

There are a wide range of both cosmetic and orthopedic procedures that can be successfully performed at an outpatient surgical center. Rather than deal with the overwhelming atmosphere or a large hospital, or risk that your recovery room will be taken by another patient, you can choose to have your procedure in a smaller, state of the art facility with all of the safety and top equipment used at a hospital. An outpatient center also allows you to skip the cost of extra amenities at a hospital that are not necessary. At Crown Valley Surgical Center, one of the top surgery centers in Orange County, we strive to make your stay pleasant and get you home to recover comfortably later that same day.

Which procedures are performed at Crown Valley Surgical Center?

As one of the premier surgery centers in Orange County, Crown Valley is proud to offer a wide variety of outpatient procedures. Our plastic and cosmetic procedures that are offered include face lift, breast augmentation, breast lift, body lift, rhinoplasty, eyelid augmentation, ear augmentation, buttocks lift, liposuction, and more. For patients who are dealing with pain and discomfort, we provide orthopedic procedures that can relieve multiple conditions. These procedures include spinal surgery, foot and ankle surgery, carpal tunnel treatment, and much more.

For more information about how we can help you experience pain relief or achieve the physical appearance you’ve always wanted, contact our office today so that we can start the consultation process and introduce you to our caring and experienced medical staff.

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Surgery Centers in Orange County

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