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Change your life with Obalon.

The Obalon system is a non-surgical weight loss procedure that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Our doctors offer this procedure as a way to help you lose weight quickly and effectively and without the side effects of a surgical procedure.

The Obalon system is the only weight loss method that involves the swallowing of three balloons. The balloons occupy some of the space in your stomach so that there is less room for food. Each balloon only takes ten minutes to place, and the system has a proven safety profile that you can depend on to get started in your journey to a healthier self.


Who Qualifies for Obalon?

You may qualify for the Obalon procedure if you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 to 40 and you are at least 18 years old. Qualifying candidates should also not have any stomach disorders. To qualify for the procedure, you must also be willing to follow a customized diet and exercise program as prescribed by our doctors. You must have tried other methods of weight loss and not have enjoyed the level of success needed to get you to a healthy BMI.

During your first visit with our doctors, you will have a consultation to discuss your lifestyle, dietary habits, exercise, and your previous attempts at weight loss. Our doctors will measure your height and weight and perform some additional health checks on you to ensure that Obalon is right for you.



How Obalon Works

During the Obalon insertion procedure, you will relax in a comfortable chair. You will be given a small, thin 3-gram capsule to swallow. The capsule is attached to a tiny catheter. The capsule dissolves and allows a balloon to open. The balloon will be inflated after it is in your stomach. An X-ray will be used to verify that the balloon is in the proper position before our doctors inflate it with the micro catheter.

The balloon takes about ten minutes to travel through your esophagus and into your stomach. You will swallow a total of three of the balloons. When inflated, the balloons expand to about 250 cubic centimeters in volume. Once all three balloons are inflated, about three quarters of the volume of your stomach will be filled. This causes you to feel full. Because there is less room in your stomach for food and you feel full, you will eat less. This provides a jump start to your weight loss. No anesthesia is needed for Obalon.

What to Expect from the Obalon Procedure

After all three balloons are inflated, our doctors will give you the okay to go home and resume your usual activities. You can get started right away with your prescribed exercise and diet changes. You can expect to enjoy progressive weight loss due to a lower caloric intake. Our doctors will also prescribe an antacid medication for you to take while the balloons are in place. The balloons are removed after six months.



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