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Foot Doctors in Orange County That Are Nationally Recognized


Reduce pain and increase mobility with foot and ankle surgery.

The Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center, one of the most advanced surgery centers in Orange County, offers safe and effective podiatry surgery for patients with foot and ankle pain or motion issues.

  • Led by premier foot doctors in Orange County, the CVOSC provides a comprehensive array of modern foot and ankle surgical techniques available today.
  • Supported by a key medical staff of registered nurses, anesthesiologists, administrative assistants and technicians, the CVOSC provides comprehensive care for all foot and ankle surgical patients.

At CVOSC, our seasoned medical team understands that patients may have exhausted other treatment methods to restore complete foot and ankle usage or eliminate acute pain. It is our goal to utilize the most advanced podiatry surgical procedures and equipment to help you get back on your feet!

Advanced podiatry surgery has been in wide use by surgeons to help patients with significant feet disorders for over half a century. Our podiatry surgical team offers relief from hind, middle and forefoot joint inflammation or degradation; flatfoot, clubfoot and other structural deformities; nerve pain; as well as common bunions and cancers of the ankle and feet. In many cases, endoscopic devices and new techniques can greatly reduce surgery time, patient pain, increase recovery, reduce injury to tissues, minimize loss of blood, as well as importantly increase foot and ankle usage.


At CVOSC, one of the best orthopedic surgery centers of Orange County, patients can rest assured that our seasoned surgical team will guide them through the entire foot and ankle surgical process. From initial evaluation through the day of surgery, all of our specialists will provide crucial information and expert practice to insure your complete and steady recovery. Today’s foremost examination technologies enable our medical teams to closely look at all patient podiatry issues in order to provide swift and accurate diagnosis and ultimately, a successful surgery.

To start the process, your Orange County foot doctor will walk you through an initial consultation that includes details about your procedure and a general idea of what you can expect to experience long term when your procedure is over and the healing time is complete. The doctor will also provide you with the steps you need to take to make sure your recovery goes smoothly, like post-operation wound care instructions and restrictions on physical activity. Depending on the foot and ankle procedure involved, your consultation might also include some paperwork and information on medication use for pain relief after the surgery. Be sure to follow any instructions that your surgeon gives you to follow prior to the surgery, like guidelines regarding diet and medication, to be sure that your procedure is as safe and effective as possible.

We recommend that you set some time aside the evening before your scheduled surgery to go over the details of your procedure and your post-operative instructions one more time. Additionally, we recommend that you have a loved one ready and willing to drive you home following your surgery, so it is important to schedule that ahead of time.

On the day of your foot surgery in Orange County, you will arrive the morning of your scheduled procedure and check in with one of our administrative assistants. At this time, you will look over and sign any paperwork that has not already been taken care of. After you are all checked in, one of our trained nurses will take you back to a pre-surgery preparation area, where your vital statistics, such as blood pressure, temperature, and the condition of your nasal passages, will be recorded.

Once you are ready for your surgery, you will be taken into one of state of the art surgical areas. With the assistance of a trained medical team, including a dedicated anesthesiologist, your surgeon will successfully complete your foot or ankle surgery.


Following your surgery, you will be taken into a recovery area to awake from any anesthesia that was used. You will be monitored until our team determines that you are ready to go home to recover in comfort. We recommend that you have a family member or friend available to drive you home from our outpatient center.

The type of surgery that you had performed will affect which type of recovery instructions you receive from your surgeon, but the instructions will generally focus on the management of pain and swelling. Follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding pain relief medication or anti-nausea medication. You may also be instructed to regularly put ice on the affected area to reduce swelling. You should plan to wait at least a few weeks before resuming most normal activities.

To get started with the process of a foot and ankle surgery at our Orange County center and enjoy reduced pain and greater mobility, contact our office today to meet with one of the best foot doctors in Orange County.

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