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Follow Up with Your Doctor

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It is important for all surgical patients to follow up with their doctor in order to stay on course for complete recovery.

Your doctor will provide detailed information about your surgery, as well as what to do after your surgery, including post-operative care and medical follow-ups.

Medical follow-ups will enable your doctor to carefully examine you in order to assess your current state of health and well being. Medical tests specific to either your previous and current condition or health will be conducted in some cases to better determine your health and prognosis.

If a specific tissue, limb or other area must be examined in detail, X-rays, MRIs or other medical visual imaging will be conducted periodically over the course of specific doctor visits.

Your doctor will be able to go over how many additional visits may be necessary and what kinds of visits they will be. In some cases, your doctor may reduce the number of subsequent visits due to speedy and clear recovery. In other instances, he or she may require additional visits or may refer you to a specialist to review other issues.

Feel free call the CVOSC surgery center in Orange County to learn more today about post-surgical doctor follow-ups.

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