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Spine Procedure (Minimally Invasive)

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Dr. Jeffery David Gross

M.D., George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C., August, 1988 – May, 1992

The Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center, a premier advanced surgery center in Orange County, offers safe and effective minimally invasive spine procedures for patients with back, neck and spine pain or related issues.

Minimally invasive spine surgery, also known in the medical field as MISS, has been in wide use for those patients with significant spine, head or neck injury or degeneration for over three decades. In many cases, it has completely replaced traditional open spine surgery because of technological advances that include endoscopic devices and tubular retractors, as well as new techniques that collectively reduce patient pain after surgery, increase overall recovery, reduce injury to tissues, minimize loss of blood and fluids, as well as importantly increase usage.

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At CVOSC, one of the best orthopedic surgery centers of Orange County, patients with musculoskeletal conditions like scoliosis, sports traumas, congenital disease, and degenerative conditions, like arthritis, can rest assured that our seasoned surgical team will guide them through the entire MISS process. From initial evaluation through surgery, our specialists will provide key information and expert practice to insure your full and steady recovery. Today’s top spinal examination technologies enable our medical teams to closely look at patient issues in order to provide swift and accurate diagnosis and ultimately, a successful surgery, including minimally invasive scoliosis surgery in Orange County.

There are a few common types of MISS that help alleviate pain and increase motion for patients, which include microforaminotomy, microlaminactomy or miscrodiscectomy, amongst others. In these surgeries, spine doctors remove or reduce spinal bone to free space for nerves. Doctors employ other MISS techniques to help realign structural formations or reduce nerve issues, as well.

To learn more about how the expert Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center medical team can help eliminate or reduce your back, head or neck pain or issues, contact us here to set up an appointment.

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