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Prior to your procedure, your physician or nurse will review information about the various types of anesthesia that will be used for your operation. In some cases, depending upon availability and necessity, you may also be able to consult with the anesthesiologist who will be in attendance on your day of surgery.

You will fill out a detailed anesthesia pre-operative review questionnaire in order to help your anesthesiologist determine what anesthesia is right for you:

  • Questions will include those regarding allergies, previous surgeries, previous anesthesia used, health history, cardiovascular issues, digestive issues, neurological concerns and others.
  • Other questions will relate to past disease or family disease history, recent exposure to certain diseases, dental issues, blood tests, medication and more.

You’ll next add vital patient information, as well as contact to your previous doctors and medical professionals.

On the day of surgery, you may be given oral sedatives that help you relax, as well as help to induce sleep. The anesthesiologist may administer both local anesthesia, if there is a specific area that needs strong pain blockers, as well as administer either an intravenous or gaseous general anesthesia to induce complete sensation suspension.

Detailed written information about specific anesthesia can be provided by our administrative staff when you visit our surgery center in Orange County.

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