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THD & Anoscopy

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Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization, or THD, targets hemorrhoids with a minimally invasive, outpatient approach.

With THD, the arteries that deliver blood to the hemorrhoid are located with a doppler. When the arteries are located, a suture is used to tie off the blood supply. The suture dissolves on its own.

With no removal of tissue needed, there is minimal discomfort. The procedure takes only about 20 minutes. The THD ProctoStation by Balmer Medical is a compact and high-resolution solution.


Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Hemorrhoids are a common ailment. They occur naturally in the body and are characterized by swollen or dilated blood vessels in or around the anus (internal or external hemorrhoids). Not all hemorrhoids are painful, but some can result in pain and pressure, soreness, itching, and bleeding. These symptoms can be made worse by straining during constipation.

Hemorrhoids can be caused by difficult bowel movements, straining during a bowel movement, and pregnancy, among other causes.



How THD Works

For hemorrhoids that do not go away on their own, THD may be performed. This treatment works best for small to medium internal hemorrhoids. After the arteries are sutured, further arterial blood is prevented from reaching the hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid is then able to shrink. You can return to your normal activities within approximately four days.

Following THD treatment, your doctor will likely suggest ways that you can help prevent further hemorrhoids from developing, such as increasing your intake of fiber.

The THD ProctoStation

With THD ProctoStation, high-resolution anoscopy is performed without the use of separate scopes and attachments. Everything is combined into an integrated system that adjusts easily to every patient’s position for maximum comfort. The high definition images and all-in-one computer make the treatment accurate and fast.

Talk to your doctor today to find out if you would benefit from THD treatment with the ProctoStation.


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