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Avoiding Food Temptations After Weight Loss Surgery - Crown Valley Surgical Center

October 20, 2018 Blog

Whether it’s sneaking downstairs late at night to have those last few slices of leftover pizza or giving into the urge to stop at McDonald’s on the way home, we’ve all experienced food temptations at one time or another. Normally, it’s perfectly fine to give into occasional indulgences. If you’ve recently had weight loss surgery, […]


August 20, 2018 Blog

Weight loss surgery can drastically change your life in ways you never imagined were possible. The surgery is not a miracle solution for becoming thin–instead, it is a tool to help you get started down the path to a healthier and better life. Many people struggle to lose weight and some might consider the option […]


June 20, 2018 Blog

Weight loss surgery can be your best option for losing both pounds and fat. As helpful as this surgery is, it does require that you prepare for it accordingly. Here are some general tips that your doctor might recommend before your surgery. Quit Smoking All weight loss surgical patients are required to stop smoking and […]


April 20, 2018 Blog

Weight loss surgery can lead to many improvements with quality of life. However, the benefits you’ll enjoy post-surgery will depend on how committed you are to making positive lifestyle changes. One of the steps you’ll be encouraged to take after your procedure is to get regular exercise. If you’re not sure how to safely and […]


February 20, 2018 Blog

Internal hemorrhoids can be difficult to get rid of with over-the-counter products. Because of their location, they often need more specialized treatment. You may eliminate your internal hemorrhoids and find permanent relief from distressing symptoms like itching, burning, and bleeding by undergoing sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids. What is Hemorrhoid Sclerotherapy? Sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids is a procedure […]


December 21, 2017 Blog

Lap-band surgery is an outpatient procedure designed to reduce the amount of food that is consumed at one time. This encourages patients to slow down while eating so that they may feel full before eating too much. While lap-band procedures may have fewer risks than more extensive gastric bypass procedures, there are some chances that […]


October 27, 2017 Blog

Obesity is one of the primary causes of type 2 diabetes. Discover why Lap-Band surgery could be the best alternative for treating both obesity and this form of diabetes in adults. What is Lap-Band Surgery? Lap-Band surgery is a procedure that involves the placement of a band around the stomach, thereby reducing its size and decreasing […]


August 20, 2017 Blog

Losing weight is indeed a huge accomplishment. You will immediately start losing weight after your Lap-Band surgery, which may be recommended for patients who are obese. Some people even lose weight quickly for the first few months, and then they continue to shed pounds slowly over the years. Your body will keep changing in size, […]


July 20, 2017 Blog

Lap-Band surgery is considered to be one of the safest and most effective methods of surgical weight loss. In fact, Lap-Band failure rate is only about nine percent, which is fewer than one out of every ten procedures performed. Yet there are times when some type of Lap-Band revision is necessary due to issues such […]


June 20, 2017 Blog

Lap-Band surgery, a form of bariatric surgery, is used in the management of obesity. This procedure makes the stomach smaller, limiting the amount of food that someone can comfortably ingest. Weight loss from Lap-Band surgery is slower and less dramatic than with gastric bypass. Lap-Band surgery is the least invasive type of weight loss surgery. […]

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