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Preparing for Surgery

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At the CVOSC surgery center in Orange County, we’re here to help you prepare for a very important medical procedure that you and your physician have decided he or she will perform.

After the pre-registration process, you should have a comprehensive packet provided by the attending nurse or other medical staff, which outlines instructions on how to prepare. Typically, most patients will fast up to 12 hours prior to the actual day of surgery. Your doctor will advise you on what medications, foods and supplements to either take or refrain from in the days leading up to and after your surgery. Be sure to also stay healthy with reasonable exercise to help insure rapid healing after surgery. Many physicians recommend meditation or other methods to help align your mind and body with the procedure to maximize its overall effect, as well.

The night before surgery, go over the events that will happen leading up to and after surgery with a loved one or friend. Be sure to review transportation, time of arrival and departure, clothing, medications, media, food, final paperwork, etc.

If you need to, please feel free to contact your surgeon or other medical staff to answer any last minute pressing questions. Feel free call the CVOSC surgery center in Orange County to learn more today.

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