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Lap-Band Surgical Weight Loss Program in Orange County


Experience real change with Lap-Band Surgery.

The Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center offers safe and effective Lap-Band surgery at their Orange County location for patients who are obese in order to lose significant body weight.

For unparalleled weight loss surgery in Orange County, turn to the trusted hands of Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center.


It is important for prospective Lap-Band patients to review why this specific type of laparoscopic adjustable gastric band can help them to reduce their bodily size and weight, as well as minimize significant health concerns that typically result from obesity. In wide usage for over a dozen years throughout the United States, the FDA-approved Lap-Band requires minimal invasion to install, takes roughly one hour for surgery and begins operating within 3-6 weeks for most patients.

With this Orange County Lap-Band surgery, little incisions are made through superficial and muscle tissue, where surgeons affix the Lap-Band to top portion of the stomach. This adjustable ring is attached to a fine tube, where a doctor will later insert saline solution to adjust the ring circumference.

Once patients have healed from the surgery a few weeks later, they will adapt to eating smaller portions of food that are limited by the Lap-Band device. Along with sensible diet and exercise, patients begin to lose significant weight over the course of months and years that follow due to this portion control.

Our Orange County Lap-Band surgery is recommended for those with a body mass index over 40 or more, or 30 or more for those with diseases, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

There are a number of risks associated with Lap-Band surgery, which include infection of the port of ring; nutritional deficiencies; esophageal blockage and others.

Some patients may experience normal psychological behaviors such as anxiety, frustration, and even depression, though they also conversely experience happiness from the beneficial results. Be sure to check with your CVOSC physician at their surgery center in Orange County about these issues.

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