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Lap Band Revision


Maintain a healthy weight with Lap-Band Revision.

An inability to lose weight is one of the most common reasons for some type of lap band revision. While complete removal of the band is an option, revision doesn’t necessarily mean removal only.

  • Some patients have what’s termed a “rebanding” where the band is replaced with another one.
  • Another option is to switch to another weight loss procedure.


Rebanding refers to the removal of the existing band and the placement of a new band. If the reason for removing the band is because you weren’t losing weight, replacement may not be recommended until the reason why you didn’t lose weight is determined.

Switching to Another Procedure

Some patients have better success with another type of weight loss surgery. Possibilities include gastric sleeve surgery, where more than half the stomach is removed to encourage less eating. A Roux-en-Y gastric bypass involves the creation of a small pouch. The intestines are rerouted and the gallbladder is removed during a duodenal switch procedure to alter digestion patterns.


Lap Band Removal and Revision

Lap band removal is often done as a laparoscopic procedure, which means smaller incisions and often a faster recovery time. In some cases, a switch to another surgical weight loss method may be done at the same time the band is removed. Revision surgery may also be done a few months later, depending on the circumstances. Before lap band revision, your doctor will likely discuss your available options to help you decide what steps you may want to take next.

When to Consider Lab Band Revision

Unless you are experiencing immediate medical issues, you will be encouraged to give the lap band procedure a fair chance. Initial remedies may include adjusting the band by making it either inflating it more or reducing the amount of filler inside of it. If you’re still experiencing issues after adjustments are made, you’ll likely undergo a thorough exam to rule out other possible reasons for any issues you may be having with the band. Common reasons for lap band revision include:

  • An inability to lose a significant amount of weight or weight regain
  • Symptoms of band intolerance, such as nausea and vomiting
  • Severe heartburn or other symptoms affecting comfort
  • Band slippage or infection

Frequency of Revision Surgery

According to one study of lap band patients, revision was requested by about 15 percent of patients. Lap band surgery is generally considered an effective weight loss procedure for many patients. The need for some type of revision, however, should be viewed as a temporary setback since there are other options that may lead to success.

There are many reasons why lap band revision may be necessary. Each situation is different and your options will depend on what issues you’re having with the band. Before considering another procedure, have realistic expectations and goals and an honest discussion with your doctor so you can make a well-informed decision. Regardless of whether you have another band placed or switch to a different method, it’s important to commit to making positive health-related changes.

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