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Experience real change with Orbera.

ORBERA is a durable gastric balloon made of soft silicone. It is used to help people lose weight by training them to eat only healthy amounts of food. It takes up enough space in the stomach reducing the volume of food eaten by an individual.

ORBERA placement is a simple and a non-surgical procedure.

  • Start by ensuring safety of the procedure
  • Patient is then sedated and the flattened balloon is inserted into the stomach through the esophagus
  • A syringe is used to fill it with a sterile saline solution

The First 6 Months

ORBERA is required to stay in the stomach for 6 months after the placement procedure. Patients should use this time to improve their eating habits, which they should practice for the rest of their life. Support groups help patients to fully maximize the benefits of the ORBERA weight loss program through continuous communication. Patients should have one-on-one sessions with health professionals such as dieticians and psychologists during this period to examine their progress.

The Removal

After six months, the balloon is removed from the stomach through a process almost similar to the one for inserting the balloon. It is important to stay in touch with the health specialists after removal of the balloon for more information on recommended diet and exercise plan. Maintaining a good diet and exercise regimen can help patients lose significant amounts of weight even after removing the weight loss balloon.


ORBERA Coaching and Ongoing Support

The first part of this weight loss program is completed with the removal of the balloon. There is need to continue with the recommended diet and workout routine even after the removal of the balloon. This can be achieved through regular communication with the support group. Patients can even communicate with their support groups online.

Key Points to Note

  • The weight loss balloon is suitable for people suffering from obesity, who have tried other weight loss programs and diet without success.
  • Patients must be ready to commit themselves to a 12-months program; having the balloon in the stomach for 6 months and then another 6 months of coaching to help maintain healthy eating habits and exercise routine.
  • Patients who have enrolled in this program have to be supervised throughout the program by physicians and weight loss specialists because losing weight may not be easy. Patients have to be supervised to ensure that they lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.
  • It is not advisable to keep the balloon inside the stomach for more than six months because it may cause bowel obstruction, which can have severe health effects.
  • Not everyone can use ORBERA. For example, people with ulcers and other condition of the digestive system cannot use the weight loss balloon.
  • Breast-feeding and pregnant women as well as women planning to become pregnant within the next six months should not use the weight loss balloon.
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