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May 19, 2015 Blog

Eyelid surgery is a procedure to remove excess skin from upper eyelids and reduce bagginess in the lower eyelids. This is typically performed as a cosmetic surgery, but may be performed in older patients if sagging eyelids have interfered with their vision. Sometimes, eyelid surgery is performed along with other procedures, such as laser resurfacing […]


April 23, 2015 Blog

Iggy Azalea is a rapper, songwriter, and model with hits such as 2014’s “Fancy.” However, even with all of her talent and stardom, Azalea is no stranger to self-criticism of her appearance, and even criticism from others. Azalea recently told Vogue that she was asked to lose weight and change her appearance, like with a […]


March 30, 2015 Blog

A congenital deformity, club foot is diagnosed at birth or during a prenatal ultrasound. It affects one out of every 1,000 babies. Although club foot can affect just one foot, around half of all patients with the deformity have it in both feet. It also occurs twice as frequently in males compared to females. The […]


January 16, 2015 Blog

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which involves the reshaping of the nose. This procedure is done in order to improve the appearance of the nose and its proportion relative to the face. It is also done to correct breathing that is impaired because of structural defects of the nose. What does the procedure entail? During […]


November 19, 2014 Blog

Minimally invasive spine surgery is a method that reduces many things about traditional surgery, such as the length of surgery time, the amount of healing time, and the risks for infection. Minimally invasive spine surgery is reflective of its name and does not require the doctor to cut through several fibers and muscles in order […]


October 15, 2014 Blog

Sports injuries can occur during any type of physical activity, including no-contact sports. Injuries obtained through physical activity can range from mild to severe, and some can even have an impact on the way that an athlete is able to function on a daily basis. The most common types of sports injuries include sprains, fractures, […]


September 16, 2014 Blog

Over the years, plastic surgery has evolved from something reserved for the wealthy to a more common and accessible option that can fit into nearly any budget. Cosmetic surgery has increased in safety, popularity, and affordability over the years, making it an attractive option for anyone who is not happy with their appearance. Plastic surgeons […]


August 15, 2014 Blog

The Lap-Band is an option available to individuals looking to lose weight surgically. During the procedure, a silicone-filled bag is placed around the top of the stomach through a laparoscopic incision. This major procedure has a shorter healing period and less risk of infection compared to other weight loss surgeries. Two other common types of […]


June 16, 2014 Blog

The facelift is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. It is performed on both men and women who want to reduce some of the signs of aging on their face and look more youthful. How does a facelift work? A facelift is just like it sounds – it lifts the face by pulling […]


June 14, 2014 Blog

A nerve disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome is aggravated by certain activities and pressures that are put on the wrists. Although carpal tunnel syndrome primarily affects the fingers and the hands, it can travel all the way up your arms and into your shoulders. The condition is uncomfortable and can also mimic more serious issues. In […]

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