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The Benefits of Outpatient Surgical Centers

The Benefits of Outpatient Surgical Centers

January 7, 2013

The Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center, one of the top surgery centers in Orange County is in operation to perform successful procedures and ultimately make their patients happy. In order to do this, the CVOSC provides all of their patient care at what is known as an ambulatory surgical center. These unique and advanced centers provide many benefits like those of hospitals, as well as several other benefits that traditional settings cannot offer patients and surgical teams.

Only two decades ago, as few as twenty percent of surgical patients utilized the growing numbers of outpatient surgical centers in the U.S. Today, more than sixty-five percent of all surgery patients use these highly specialized centers. Why? One of the first reasons is, of course, quality of the procedure and care. A vast majority of outpatient surgery centers specialize in certain procedures that do not necessarily require lengthy surgery times or overnight hospital stays. Let’s take CVOSC, for example. As an Orange County plastic surgery center, it may perform a straightforward Rhinoplasty procedure in the course of 3 hours, including pre- and postoperative care. The patient of such a procedure needs only to return to home and heal, then return to the surgeon at scheduled intervals to evaluate his or her progress. CVOSC or other outpatient centers typically focus on a small number and variety of procedures that enable patients to go home after surgery. These surgeons also perform the same surgeries over and over, which enables them master these procedures. Also, outpatient surgery centers have fewer patients and have a high success rate.

Scheduling is an important benefit of outpatient surgical centers too. Importantly, unlike hospitals, outpatient surgery centers do not have to reschedule surgery appointments because of emergency surgical cases that regularly occur.

The other good reason is cost. On average, the cost of a surgical procedure at an outpatient facility can be up to less than half those performed at a traditional hospital. The facility is geared towards a finite type of surgeries, which help keep costs down. While many procedures that take place are covered by Medicare and private health insurance companies, many other are elective. These elective surgeries that are not covered by insurance will ultimately cost less at an ASC.

The medical staffs at ASCs are usually more accessible and regularly offer pre- and postoperative care to patients.

Outpatient surgery centers are typically located in convenient places that are easily accessible. This is important families who will mobilize patients after surgery is complete. Location is always important.

Ultimately, outpatient surgical centers provide many benefits for surgery patients. To find out more about how CVOSC can fulfill your medical procure needs, feel free to call us directly.

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Benefits of Outpatient Centers
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