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Orthopedic Surgeon in Orange County


Crown Valley Surgical Center offers the best surgeons in Orange County.

If you’re looking for a great orthopedic surgeon in Orange County, then Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center is the right place for true patient assurance and top procedure performance.

All of our seasoned orthopedic surgery staff members are board certified in their fields and perform many specialty procedures routinely, both at our advanced medical center and other leading hospital centers throughout the region.


Many patients who use our surgical services rate our surgery staff amongst the best they have ever worked with as patients and regularly refer our team to other patients in need. Today, we have corrected thousands of orthopedic defects and conditions for our large patent base.

Your orthopedic surgeon in Orange County at CVOSC is someone who you can always rely on to follow the most advanced techniques available in the orthopedic medical field today. Each one of our surgeons routinely attend cutting-edge medical seminars and actively participate in hands-on orthopedic training courses at top medical educational centers, both in the regional southern California area and nationwide. There, they learn to utilize new surgical equipment and advanced tools, as well as techniques that help to minimize traditional invasive corrective surgery, such as laproscopy. As a result, our team offers many possible procedures to correct your orthopedic issue and enable easy activity again!


Many of the patients who seek a great orthopedic surgeon in Orange County often stop their search when they speak and meet with the esteemed CVOSC medical team. In addition to the team’s great medical expertise and ongoing training, each and every one of our staff provides a personal touch to our patients. We know that surgery can be a challenge to prepare for and is often a trying time for patients and their families. At CVOSC, our surgeons and medical support staff offer a genuinely sympathetic bedside manner and dialogue that addresses each patients’ unique set of needs and concerns.

Among the orthopedic procedures performed at our Orange County center include intricate surgeries of the hand and wrist. In fact, we perform virtually any hand procedure, along with carpal tunnel syndrome correction and treatment of trauma to the hand, palm, or fingers. Our procedures are minimally invasive whenever possible.

Your orthopedic surgeon in Orange County will also work with you to correct other orthopedic issues, such as athletic injuries, birth defects, fractures, degenerative issues, and areas on the body that have been exposed to extreme trauma. There is nearly no limit to the areas of the body that we will work with, including smaller and more complex areas such as elbows, ankles, shoulders, and the neck. We also work with patients to achieve larger scale operations, such as total hip replacement and spinal fusion, among others.

Why should I choose an outpatient center for my orthopedic surgery?

Our outpatient orthopedic center is fully equipped with everything your surgeon will need to perform a successful surgery, including an experienced team of medical assistants and anesthesiologists. We have a commitment to safety and comfort for each of our patients, ensuring that your experience will be just as satisfactory as it would be at an area hospital. The nature of our center allows the medical team to focus on fewer patients at a time. An outpatient center also minimizes your risk of contracting an illness or a disease from another patient. Without the limitation of a large hospital, your orthopedic surgeon in Orange County can give more attention to our patients and get them home to recover comfortably just hours after the procedure is completed.

What will my consultation entail?

At Crown Valley Surgical Center, your consultation is a chance for you and your doctor to decide which orthopedic procedure is best for your situation. Your physician will want to go over your health issues, health history, and your expected outcome. Once you decide on a procedure, your doctor will go over what you can expect from the procedure and the recovery steps that you will need to take. You will also learn about the things you need to do to prepare for the procedure – which can include fasting or taking or avoiding certain medications.

In some cases, you may need to complete medical tests within the week of your surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon in Orange County will help you understand all of these important steps and provide you with paperwork that outlines everything about your surgery, preoperative care, and postoperative care.

To get started, contact our office today!

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Orthopedic Surgeon in Orange County

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