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Orange County Plastic Surgery Center


We are your premier plastic surgery center.

Crown Valley Surgical Center provides a wide range of plastic surgery procedures for patients. At our Orange County plastic surgery center, you can find physicians and surgeons with experience and expertise in performing procedures like a face liftbreast liftbreast augmentationLap-Band surgery, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and more.

No matter which kind of plastic surgery procedure you are considering, you can count on our expert medical team to be able to help you get the look you want and determine which plastic surgery would be best for you and your situation.


We are able to use modern technologies and procedures to help you create the look that is most flattering to you with procedures that are typically minimally invasive. This means that you can get back to regular activities faster, all while enjoying the look that our procedures have to offer. Contact our Orange County office today to get started with the consultation process.

What will my consultation entail?

Once you have arranged to meet with one of the cosmetic surgeons at our Orange County plastic surgery center, you will be able to share your cosmetic appearance issues with the doctor. Your doctor might ask about your medical history and other questions about your lifestyle, like how your cosmetic appearance affects your self-confidence. Your doctor will make a decision about the plastic surgery procedure and method that will be best for your situation.


An important part of your consultation is understanding what to expect from your plastic surgery procedure. Your doctor will make sure that you have realistic expectations of the process and the results, as well as what you can expect from the recovery period. Going into your procedure with the right expectations will make the outpatient surgery process go smoothly for you. Once your consultation is finished, it’s time to begin looking forward to your scheduled procedure.

What can I expect from my surgery?

You will receive instructions from your surgeon prior to your procedure at our Orange County plastic surgery center. These instructions will inform you of the medications you need to take or avoid before your surgery, how long you should avoid food or drink, and more. It is very important to follow these instructions carefully to ensure that your procedure is safe and effective.

On the day of your surgery, you will arrive at our center at the scheduled time and check in with one of our administrators. At this time, you will need to complete any forms that still need to be filled out. When it’s time to start your procedure, a member of our nursing staff will take your vital signs and help you get ready for the surgery.

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