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Breast Lift Orange County


Crown Valley Surgical Center offers top breast surgeries in the area.

For those who seek a breast lift in the Orange County area, the Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center is amongst the very best ambulatory surgical centers in Southern California for such procedures.

  • In addition to traditional and advanced breast augmentation, the best plastic surgeons in Orange County at CVOSC also perform breast lift surgery.
  • Many patients desire breast lift surgery to reposition the breast upward and make breasts firmer in the process.

The reasons for this surgery range from the classic case of aging, whereby fat, skin and breast tissue sag significantly to deformities, disease and trauma that have negatively affected the breast area.

For those patients who seek a breast lift in Orange County, CVOSC offers a series of different contemporary techniques to enable smooth and short procedures that create an ideal breast for our patients. These include traditional lift and reduction procedures, such as the lollipop and anchor lift, whereby an incision is made below the patient’s nipple and skin and breast tissue is removed, as well as what is known as donut and crescent incisions, which allow surgeons to remove skin and tissue around the nipple area in a circular fashion. These and other less invasive techniques allow our top breast surgeons to correct a variety of breast and patient types who we work with.


Before you attain your breast lift in Orange County at CVOSC, it is important for one of our surgical staff to review your health status. The medical support staff will provide any necessary testing that helps us to identify current or foreseeable issues that may arise. These include comprehensive blood work, CT scanning, and manual search and potential detection of errant breast tissue, which may require concurrent surgery at the time of your lift. We will then review all of the necessary pre-operative steps that you must take prior to surgery, which include the change of nutritional supplements ingested, medication alterations, exercise changes, as well as food adjustments and sleep habits.

Several patients who elect to have a breast lift in Orange County at CVOSC, also like to have complimentary procedures performed. Ask one of our surgeons about the many risks an benefits of having another surgery, such as liposuction fat removal, cool sculpt fat removal, hanging skin reduction and other related procedures. While patients have been administered general or local anesthesia for one procedure, it may benefit them to have a related surgery during their allotted time to maximize the many benefits. These include elimination of a second surgery and its risks, overlapping recovery time may reduce periods away from work and others.

On the day of your breast lift at our Orange County center, it is important to arrive at your scheduled time and sign in with one of our administrative assistants. From there, you will be evaluated by a member of our nursing staff before meeting with the anesthesiologist to go over the plans for any sedation or numbing that needs to take place for your procedure. After you are cleared and prepped for your breast lift, your surgeon will begin the surgery alongside a trained medical team that works together to ensure that your surgery is safe, thorough, and successful.

Following your procedure, you will be taken to our comfortable recovery room where you will be evaluated by our medical team until you are determined to be ready to go home and complete your recovery with privacy.



Your recovery at home should follow the instructions provided to you by your surgeon, which might include instructions about special activities, exercise, work status, incision care, bathing, and more. Having a loved one available to drive you home from our center and to help you with some tasks when you first arrive home is recommended. If you are prescribed oral pain medications or anti-inflammatory medications, be sure to take them as prescribed. A breast lift will likely leave you bruised and swollen for a few days, and you might also experience some numbness. You should avoid heavy lifting for four to six weeks following your breast lift procedure. Immediately after your breast lift in Orange County and throughout your recovery, you will check in with your surgeon to provide an update on your progress and to make sure that the procedure is working for you.

If you’d like to start the process on your breast lift in Orange County, don’t hesitate to contact our office today. You can learn more about the procedure, the consultation, and even which other procedures we can perform that will help you achieve the look you desire. We look forward to hearing from you!

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