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4 Common Patient Questions About Lap-Band

4 Common Patient Questions About Lap-Band

January 18, 2017

Many patients are considering Lap-Band as a safe, effective procedure that can significantly help their weight loss journey. Below are the answers to some common questions that many patients thinking about choosing Lap-Band have asked about the procedure.

How does the Lap-Band help me to lose weight?

The Lap-Band is a gastric band that helps you to control your portion sizes when eating as well as your hunger urges. A silicone band around the upper area of your stomach creates a gastric pouch. When you eat small portions of food, the gastric pouch will fill and your brain will receive a message of satiation and fullness. By limiting the size of the portions of food you consume, Lap-Band can play a major role in your weight loss journey.

Can the Lap-Band be adjusted?

The Lap-Band is adjustable and can even be removed if necessary. Adjustments can be performed simply in the office of your surgeon by inserting a small needle into an access port and adding or removing fluid; these adjustments are based on your weight loss or other relevant factors. If you find yourself frequently feeling hunger pangs, seeking out food, and not losing weight, fluid may need to be added.

On the other hand, if you can’t swallow properly or are experiencing heartburn frequently, fluid may need to be removed. You should feel full after a small amount of food, a feeling that lasts for several hours, and lose one to two pounds weekly. Adjustments are relatively painless and there are no limits on the number of adjustments.

How does it feel to eat with Lap-Band?

After you first get the procedure, you’ll need to follow a special diet for around one month. You’ll start with liquids, then purees, then soft and finally solid foods. This will allow your body to get used to eating with the Lap-Band in place. Once your body is adjusted, you should be able to handle most foods as long as you consume small portions and eat slowly. Lap-Band works best when combined with lifestyle changes, like eating healthful foods and regularly exercising.

Can I get pregnant with a Lap-Band?

It’s safe to get pregnant when you have Lap-Band, and you’ll be able to consume the nutrition you need for both you and the growing child. It’s generally a good idea to wait for one or two years after your surgery to get pregnant, because your weight will be more stable. Your weight loss doctor can help to support you during your pregnancy when it comes to managing nutrition, vitamin intake, and fitness.

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