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Recovering From Lap-Band Surgery

Recovering From Lap-Band Surgery

December 21, 2016

Long-term weight loss can be achieved when dieting alone has not worked. Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is a type of surgical procedure that makes your stomach smaller so you will eat less while feeling full more quickly than in the past.

What Is Lap-Band?

Gastric banding, or Lap-Band, involves a surgeon making several small incisions in your abdomen. He or she will insert tiny surgical tools and a camera via these cuts, then wrap a band around your upper stomach, encircling it like a ring. A thin tube is attached to the band. It leads to an accessible port just beneath the skin, so the physician can place a needle in to add or remove saline. When saline is added to the port, the band becomes tighter, reducing stomach size. If it is made too tight, saline can be taken out to relieve the tightness.

The Lap-Band is not inflated during the surgical procedure. First, you must recover from the surgery, which typically takes from four to six weeks. At that point, the band can then be inflated and adjusted so you can begin losing weight.

The Recovery Process: What You Can Expect

Lap-Band surgery is a common bariatric surgery procedure that is very popular. One of the reasons for its popularity is that the surgical time is quite short compared to other weight-loss surgeries. Lap-Band also has a very low complication rate during the procedure. Your second and third days after surgery may present you with some soreness, usually in the upper left area of the stomach, beneath your ribs. You may also have gas pains that will pass.

The most activity you will be required to do will be to walk for 30 minutes each day for the first week following surgery. It’s recommended that you stay home for the first week post-surgery and avoid any heavy lifting for the first month.

You can consume liquid foods, such as soups and protein shakes. It will be normal to feel hungry at first, but keep to the diet your doctor prescribes. During the second or third week, you may be permitted to eat soft and then regular foods. You will then be on your way to seeing your doctor and getting your first Lap-Band adjustment.

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