• Lap-Band Surgical Weight Loss Program in Orange County

    The Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center offers safe and effective Lap-Band surgery at their Orange County location for patients who are obese in order to lose significant body weight.

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  • Spine Procedure (Minimally Invasive)

    The Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center, a premier advanced surgery center in Orange County, offers safe and effective minimally invasive spine procedures for patients with back, neck and spine pain or related issues.

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  • Foot Doctors in Orange County That Are Nationally Recognized

    The Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center, one of the most advanced surgery centers in Orange County, offers safe and effective podiatry surgery for patients with foot and ankle pain or motion issues.

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  • Plastic Surgery Orange County

    At Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center, home to the best plastic surgeons in Orange County, we offer advanced, safe and effective plastic surgery for patients who seek restorative procedures or elective cosmetic procedures.

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  • General Surgery

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Surgery Center Orange County

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As a premier ambulatory surgery center in Orange County, CVOSC is amongst the most advanced in Southern California. Here, our entire board-certified surgical staff and accredited medical support staff will work with you to precisely determine your medical and surgical needs. At the center, you will be guided through the entire process of your surgery in order to provide you with understanding and assurance of the success of your procedure. Our facility offers some of the most advanced surgical equipment available in use today amongst contemporary medical practitioners, such as those for anesthesiology, cosmetic surgery, breast lift surgery, and various orthopedic surgical procedures.

The CVOSC surgery center in Orange County is outfitted for your needs in mind. We understand that you may have reached health a crossroads or even an untimely health crisis that must be addressed. At CVOSC, our surgeons and medical staff are here to serve you. We start out by scheduling an appointment with us at our facility. In some cases, you may seek a referral from your primary care physician. When you visit with us review you records and discuss possible surgical options. Then we schedule a surgery date. You can meet with your surgeon prior to your surgery at CVOSC too.

Surgery-Center-Orange-County-1After these steps, you’ll prepare for the big day at our surgery center in Orange County. It is important to review your surgery plan the day before you come in with loved ones who may be involved with your transport, as well as your post-op care. For those patients who are ambulatory, your doctor may recommend that you complete light exercise routines to help increase metabolism and your immune system, while in other cases, it may be important to reduce movement and stress. Patients may also need to eat a special diet that likely improves his or her overall health, as well as the surgery.

On the day of your scheduled procedure at our Orange County surgery center, you will check in with one of our administrators. One of our trained and qualified nurses will take your vital stats, which might include blood pressure, weight, temperature, and throat passages. You will change into a patient gown and slippers prior to receiving any of the medication or sedation needed for the type of procedure you are undergoing. Once you are fully prepared for your procedure at our surgery center, your board-certified surgeon will complete the procedure alongside his advanced surgical team consisting of nurses, anesthesiologists, and medical technicians.

Following your surgery, you will be taken into a comfortable recovery room to be sure that you transition well after any necessary anesthesia or sedation that was used. Once you have been thoroughly checked over, you will be released to finish recovery in the comfort of your own home.

Surgery-Center-Orange-County-2Your release from our outpatient center will include a detailed description of how you can expect your recovery to progress, and any instructions you will need to follow. While this information will have already been provided to you during your registration process, it is important to us that you understand how to best take care of yourself at home as you heal from your surgery. You will have instructions regarding incision care, exercise, work status, diet, exercise, and more. You will likely also have a prescription for medications ranging from oral pain relievers to anti-inflammatory medicine. The first few days following your surgery will likely include limited mobility and pain, bruising, or swelling. Over the next days and weeks, you will begin to heal and notice the results of your surgery. Throughout this time, you will also follow up with your surgeon at our surgery center in Orange County so that he or she can monitor your progress.