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Common Sports Injuries

Common Sports Injuries

October 15, 2014

Sports injuries can occur during any type of physical activity, including no-contact sports. Injuries obtained through physical activity can range from mild to severe, and some can even have an impact on the way that an athlete is able to function on a daily basis. The most common types of sports injuries include sprains, fractures, and dislocations.


When you suffer from a sprain during a sports game, it is usually the result of twisting the ligaments that hold the muscles and bones together. This can when you move too quickly for your muscles to keep up. Sprains typically need time to heal and can be helped with pain medications and ice and heat therapy.


When a bone is fractured, it is not completely broken into pieces, but rather has a small or large crack. This is often the result of heavy impact and can also occur when you put too much pressure on the bone. Athletes that do a lot of jumping or have a lot of contact with other players are more likely to suffer from a fracture. Fractures may not cause as many secondary issues as more traditional breaks, but they can result in an immense amount of pain. These types of breaks, like traditional ones, need to be set to allow the bone to heal. Athletes who have suffered a fracture generally do not have to undergo surgery to correct the fracture if they follow the instructions given by their doctor when they are first injured.


A dislocation occurs when the bone separates from other bones or joints in the body, often as a result of impact on the bone and joint. They most commonly occur in the fingers, shoulders, and hips. Some dislocations are so mild that you may not even notice them, but others can cause a severe amount of pain. Dislocations can be set back into place by an orthopedic surgeon. If the dislocation is severe, you may need to have pins placed within the bones and joint to keep them together.

When you have suffered a sports injury, it is important to see your family physician, but it may be even more beneficial to see an orthopedic specialist. These doctors are often trained in sports injuries and will be able to create a plan of action that might include medication, therapy, or other specified treatment in order to help the injury heal and allow you to continue playing sports.

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