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Iggy Azalea Reveals Her Feelings About Her New Boob Job

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Iggy Azalea is a rapper, songwriter, and model with hits such as 2014’s “Fancy.” However, even with all of her talent and stardom, Azalea is no stranger to self-criticism of her appearance, and even criticism from others.

Azalea recently told Vogue that she was asked to lose weight and change her appearance, like with a nose job, when she came to the United States from Australia eight years ago.

Eventually, after considering the procedure for her “entire life,” Azalea opted for a breast enhancement.

Like many women who choose to undergo this type of procedure, Azalea is happy with her breast enhancement and the way that it makes her feel. At the iHeartRadio Music Awards in March 2015, Azalea stated that she “loves” her new breasts.

However, as much as she enjoys the results from her procedure, the Australian star debated whether or not she should speak publically about it. Azalea recognizes that she has many fans who are young girls and did not want to negatively impact them by discussing cosmetic surgery. Young girls can be impressionable, and many are not satisfied with their looks—just like older women.

After a short time, Azalea decided that keeping secrets was not something that she wanted to do, so she decided to talk openly about her breast enhancement. The positive experience she had is partly influenced by the fact that she performed on stage just four days after the procedure due to developments in the process.

Stars openly discussing their cosmetic procedures, whether big or small, really help to reduce the stigma that can still be associated with these types of surgeries and changes. Iggy Azalea is helping to show men and women everywhere that making a change you are happy with doesn’t have to be something to keep quiet.

*Our information was provided courtesy of Yahoo Style and US Magazine.