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Lap Band Orange County


Get your life back with Lap-Band.

Lap-Band Orange County provider Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center provides weight loss surgery performed by board-certified doctors. Also known as a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, the Lap-Band is an inflatable silicone device made from bio-compatible material.

  • The surgery is minimally invasive, a one hour surgery right in Orange County that involves no stomach cutting or stapling
  • The Lap-Band is attached to the top portion of the stomach via a small camera in order to reduce stomach size and contribute to gradual weight loss

You might qualify for a Lap-Band procedure in Orange County if you have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more. If your BMI is slightly lower, you may still qualify if you suffer from a secondary condition that is caused by obesity, like hypertension. The Lap-Band procedure, which has been FDA-approved since 2001, might be a good option for you if you’ve been unable to lose weight through a regular diet and exercise regimen or if you’ve been obese for several years. By taking a step to reduce obesity, you also decrease your risk of suffering from strokes, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease.

To prepare for the surgery, your Lap-Band Orange County surgeon at CVOSC will talk to you about the potential risks and side effects. You’ll also be armed with a plan detailing what you can eat in the days leading up to your procedure and the following weeks. You’ll likely follow a liquid-only diet initially, followed by a step-by-step shift to healthy solid foods in a period of about six weeks. Your surgeon will talk with you about which foods will help you to lose weight successfully, such as lean cuts of protein, fresh vegetables and fruits, and low-fat or fat-free dairy products. If you live with family members, be prepared to eat different foods at first, followed by smaller portions than everyone else as your recovery progresses.


After the Lap-Band is placed with the use of general anesthesia, the pouch that it creates holds about a half cup of food. This is a significant difference from the average stomach, which holds 12 times more food. This stomach size change helps you to become accustomed to eating smaller portions and causes you to feel full sooner from smaller amounts of food. Saline is added or removed to tighten or loosen the band, which is added through a thin tube that leads to an access port placed under your skin in the initial surgery. The band will be continually adjusted by your Orange County Lap-Band surgeon throughout the process as you lose weight or experience difficulties like plateaued weight loss or sickness.

You’ll experience gradual weight loss over the next several months. Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center’s Orange County Lap-Band procedure is not a quick fix for obesity, and instead requires a lifestyle change encompassing exercise and healthy eating choices. While the changes you need to make can be overwhelming, the Lap-Band offered at the Orange County center offers a quicker recovery and fewer complications compared to other types of weight loss surgery options.

Make sure to tell trusted friends and family members about the Lap-Band procedure ahead of time so that you are able to rely on some help. Your loved ones can check in on you and help you to prepare food or broths and can also assist with light cleaning. Talking to others about the procedure can also serve as an emotional support network that will keep you motivated and on-track in the coming months. If you know of anyone who has also taken part in the Lap-Band procedure, you can share successes and motivation along the way.

The surgeons at Crown Valley Surgical Center regularly perform surgery in an outpatient facility. We boast some of the most qualified surgeons in the cosmetic surgery field, and we complement their skills with technologically advanced surgical equipment. Trusting your health and self image to just any doctor isn’t easy, but Crown Valley Surgical Center provides trusted care to each and every one of our patients.

When it comes to exploring a Lap Band in Orange County, you want a surgeon who is board certified and experienced in that exact type of procedure. Not only are our surgeons experienced, but they also take a personalized and individualized approach to each patient. You can trust that the doctor you have at our center will work hard to understand your weight issue and take an interest in helping you to get to a healthy weight.

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Lap Band Orange County

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