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Face Lift Orange County


We offer the most qualified surgeons in the area.

For those patients who have thought thoroughly about seeking a face lift in Orange County, the Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center offers some of the most qualified top specialty surgeons in the field, as well as the most advanced surgical equipment to facilitate these delicate and intricate procedures.

  • The CVOSC performs a number of different face lift procedures for its patients, which includes a full facelift, a mid-lift, a mini-lift, as well as other types of face lifts.
  • Some patients may also wish to have complimentary procedures performed at the same time as their face lift, such as fat grafting, while others may seek to resurface the skin with laser treatments.

Many southern California cosmetic surgery patients who have opted for a face lift in Orange County choose CVOSC. Why Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center? We offer some of the most advanced facilities in the area, as well as a dedicated seasoned surgical team to create the perfect face lift that’s right for you. When considering a face lift, patients meet with our qualified, board-certified team to go over their needs, perspective and the outcome that they desire. This is reconciled through discussions with the doctor to determine what realistic outcome can easily be performed that satisfies the patient using the latest techniques.

Once you’ve decided to have a face lift in Orange County at CVOSC, the next step for you to do is schedule an appointment with us. Contact our medical support administrative staff today to meet with one of our face lift plastic surgeons. Once you arrive at our medical facility, the surgeon will meet with you to discuss the details of the procedure and offer available alternatives. A medical assistant will take pictures of you, so that the doctor can assess your needs. The doctor will then asks questions about your state of health as well answer questions you may have.


Before you have your face lift in Orange County at CVOSC, it is crucial to go over a lengthy and necessary to-do list that must be adhered to prior to the actual day of surgery. Often, this list includes a series of things a patient must perform, such as light exercise, refraining from certain activity, modifications to regular diet, changes to prescription medication and nutritional supplements, sleep requirements, bathing requirements and other actions. Be sure to contact the CVOSC medical support staff to go over this list, especially if you have any questions. Also, make sure a family members can help you stick to the list to make sure the procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

On the day of your face lift at our Orange County surgical center, you will arrive at your scheduled time and check in with one of our administrators before getting your vital statistics recorded by a trained member of our nursing staff. You will then meet with one of our anesthesiologists for any necessary numbing procedure before the surgeon begins to perform the face lift alongside an experienced medical team. If you have any questions about the day of the procedure, our staff is prepared to assist you and answer your questions along the way.

Following the face lift procedure, you will spend some time in a recovery room while our medical team evaluates you and makes sure that you are ready to leave. Before long, you will be completing the recovery and healing process in your own home.

Once you are discharged and able to return home, it is important to adhere to the instructions provided to you by your surgeon. After a face lift in Orange County at our center, you will need to take any oral pain relief or anti-inflammatory medications exactly as prescribed. Your surgeon will also have instructions for you regarding incision care, bathing, and physical activity limitations. If you experience severe pain despite taking your medications as directed, be sure to call our office.

Following a facelift, it is not uncommon to experience swelling, bruising, and overall discomfort for approximately two weeks. Although you can return to normal activities right away, you should avoid strenuous physical activity until you are no longer experiencing pain. Wearing sunscreen regularly is also an important part of your post-procedure success, because it protects your skin from damage and helps you retain your new youthful appearance.


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Face Lift Orange County

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