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Celebrities Have Weight Loss Surgery, Too!

Celebrities Have Weight Loss Surgery, Too!

February 27, 2014

Individuals have been dealing with the obstacle of losing weight for ages, it seems. While there are several options that can be used to achieve the amount of weight loss desired, such as diets, exercise, weight loss pills, and more, one of the most popular weight loss options available is surgery.

A more permanent option, weight loss surgery allows you to work closely with a doctor to determine a safe, reliable method for weight loss that works by changing the shape of your stomach and limiting the amount of food you can consume. For example, gastric banding works by using an inflatable band to squeeze the stomach into two sections while still connected, thereby decreasing the amount of food the stomach can take in. Gastric bypass is a restrictive and malapsortive surgery that cuts the stomach into two separate stomachs, then removes or bypasses a part of the digestive tract to restrict food absorption.

Weight loss surgery is accessible by individuals of all walks of life. In fact, several celebrities have turned to weight loss surgery in order to achieve changes.

These celebrities include:

  • Sharon Osbourne – Co-host of CBS’ The Talk had gastric band surgery in 1999, and lost over 100 pounds.
  • Al Roker – Meteorologist on NBC’s the Today show weighed 320 pounds in 2002. After gastric bypass surgery, he lost 100 pounds and 12 inches off his waist.
  • Roseanne Barr – A comedienne who had bypass surgery in 1998, Barr lost over 80 pounds. Other sources say over 200 pounds.
  • Randy Jackson – Former celebrity judge for the FOX network show, American Idol. After having the gastric bypass surgery in 2003, Jackson lost 113 pounds and went from a 4-XL sized shirt to an L.
  • Star Jones – Former co-host of ABC’s The View, Jones had gastric bypass surgery in 2003 when she weighed 307 pounds. Within three years of the surgery, she lost 160 pounds.
  • Carnie Wilson – Former vocalist with the band Wilson Phillips, Wilson had gastric bypass surgery in 1999. She lost 150 pounds.
  • Anne Rice – This famed author lost over 100 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery in 2003.

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