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Hand Surgeon Orange County

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Anatol Podolsky, M.D.

Dr Anatol Podolsky

Orthopaedic Surgeon

The CVOSC orthopedic group in Orange County regularly performs surgery of the hand at its advanced ambulatory surgical center. Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center offers some of the most qualified, top hand surgeons in the field, as well as the most state-of-the-art surgical equipment to facilitate these intricate procedures. Many patients who have endured great trauma to their fingers, palm, wrist or other parts of their hand can find a great hand surgeon in Orange County at CVOSC. From minimally invasive carpal tunnel syndrome correction to digit fracture repair, we perform virtually all hand procedures. Contact our office today, so that we set an appointment to review your surgery.

When looking for a great hand surgeon in Orange County, you’ll find some of the most esteemed specialists working today at Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center. Our surgeons are board certified and have performed countless intricate hand and wrist procedures offered to patients. When deciding upon what procedure will best to relieve your condition, patients will initially consult with one of our medical assistants and doctors to review their options. Then, a formal examination will take place. This will be followed by a full review of the procedure and post-op care, as well as a tour of our complete facility.

When you arrive at our office for your initial consultation, our doctor or surgeon will ask you a series of critical questions about your current and past medical history, as well as request related medical files from your primary care physician or specialist. Your hand, wrist or fingers may be examined closer, both manually and via means of CT scan or other non-invasive visual evaluation. These steps, as well as tests, will help to determine which primary procedure or complementary secondary procedure will be performed on you.

Now that you’ve picked our CVOSC hand surgeon in Orange County, you must prepare for your operation in the ensuing weeks and days. It helps to go over the pre-operative list with both your surgeon and doctor. A copy of your file will be available to our medical support staff in case you need to review it with them at any point. Before your surgery, you may be asked to reduce or cease certain physical activities and exercises. You will likely be asked to alter your medication and nutritional supplement intake as well. Many patients will also alter their diet and other ingestibles.

On the day of your surgery, you will arrive at our outpatient center at your scheduled time. Bring any forms you were given ahead of time with you, and be prepared to fill out any additional forms at the office as needed when you check in with one of our administrators. Prior to your hand surgery, you will be brought in to one of our comfortable pre-operation rooms, where a skilled nurse will ask you questions about your health history and take your vitals information, such as your blood pressure and pulse. From there, you will meet with one of our trained anesthesiologists to determine what kind of anesthesia you can expect during your surgery. After you are changed into an operating gown and are settled into the operating area, one of our Orange County hand surgeons will being your hand surgery alongside a trusted medical team.

Hand surgery recovery

Following the completion of your hand surgery, you will be brought into a comfortable room to recover and allow our medical team to monitor you as you come out of anesthesia. Once you are determined to be ready to leave our center, you will be able to leave and recover in the comfort of your own home.

Your hand surgeon in Orange County will give you key things to remember and follow regarding your recovery period. You should follow these specific instructions very carefully to ensure comfort and a smooth recovery process. In general, you should avoid lifting with the hand that was operated on for at least a few weeks. If you experience any numbness or tingling in your hand after the surgery, or if you come down with a fever, bring it up to your surgeon immediately. Additionally, your surgeon will give you instructions regarding any dosage of pain relievers. Throughout the entire recovery process, you will be following up with your surgeon regularly to ensure that the surgery was successful and that everything is going well since your discharge from our center.

To speak with a member of our team and get started on the path to a successful hand surgery, contact our office today for an appointment.