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Facelift Orange County

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Christopher Nolan, M.D.

Dr Christopher Nolan

Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts, graduating in 1977.

For those patients who have thought thoroughly about seeking a facelift in Orange County, the Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center offers some of the most qualified top specialty surgeons in the field, as well as the most advanced surgical equipment to facilitate these delicate and intricate procedures. Amongst the best surgery centers in Orange County, the CVOSC performs a number of different facelift procedures for its patients, which includes a full facelift, a mid-lift, a mini-lift, as well as other types of facelifts. Some patients may also wish to have complimentary procedures performed at the same time as their facelift, such as fat grafting, while others may seek to resurface the skin with laser treatments.

You may have been searching for a facelift in orange county over a long period of time, investigating the latest techniques and sizing up top regional surgeons. Rest assured that our entire team of seasoned surgeons is

board certified and have performed countless successful facelift procedures both at our home base outpatient facility and in regional hospital settings throughout Southern California. When you arrive at our facility, a surgeon will meet with you to assess your needs and expectations. Then, her or she will provide a detailed explanation of your procedure, as well as pre- and post-operative care that must be adhered to for the best possible outcome.

FaceLift-Orange-County-1Since you’ve chosen your facelift in orange county at CVOSC, we’re here to provide the next steps that you will follow. After you’ve received your pre-operative and post-operative care instructions, be sure to review these at home with a loved one. This person will likely help to take care of you before and after your surgery, as well as drive you to and from the CVOSC center on your day of surgery and for follow-ups. You will be instructed to change medication, supplements, food, showering and sleeping habits, amongst other considerations. Feel free to contact your appointed medical liaison or other medical staff if you have any questions.

The big day of your facelift in Orange County at CVOSC has arrived. You have anticipated this day for a long time, imagined the amazing results that will emerge after surgery and have prepared greatly. When you awake, be sure to shower as instructed and do not use hair and facial products. It is important to keep the hairline, scalp and face clean to prevent bacteria from infecting the area performed upon. Dress in light clothing that can be removed easily. The day or surgery, you will sign in with the receptionist and leave your belongings with a loved one. You will then be prepared for surgery.

Following your facelift at our Orange County center, you will spend some time in a comfortable recovery room where members of our experienced medical team will make sure that you are reacting positively to any numbing agents that were necessary during the procedure. Once you have been cleared to leave the facility, you will be able to return to your home to finish recovering comfortably and privately. Throughout the healing stage of your facelift procedure, even though it is expected to be relatively quick, our office is available to answer any of questions or concerns that arise.

Your Orange County surgeon will help you understand how to care for yourself at home after your facelift procedure. The instructions you receive for post-procedure care might include caring for the surgical area, medications that you can take to relieve discomfort, and information regarding when you can resume normal activity.

Why should I choose an outpatient center for my facelift?

Choosing an outpatient center for your facelift in Orange County means that you receive the state-of-the-art care that you would receive in a highly rated area hospital, but with the care and attention that you might expect from a doctor’s office. Our facility is fully equipped to perform your cosmetic surgical procedure efficiently and safely while monitoring you for comfort closely. Our dedicated staff will be readily available throughout your entire surgery process, even during the recovery and follow-up that you do from home. After your procedure, you will be released the same day to go home and recover with your loved ones around to help you in a comfortable environment.

For more information about how to start the facelift process at Crown Valley Surgical Center, contact our office today. You will be able to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced surgeons.