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Breast Augmentation Orange County

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Christopher Nolan, M.D.

Dr Christopher Nolan

Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts, graduating in 1977.

Amongst the premier surgery centers in Orange County, the CVOSC offers a wide variety of breast augmentation surgery for all of its patients. As an ambulatory surgical center, the Crown Valley Outpatient Surgical Center facility is equipped with the most state-of-the-art equipment and specialty medical support staff, which includes top surgeons, registered nurses and anesthesiologists. For the best breast augmentation in Orange County, many patients turn to CVOSC because their thorough, minimally-invasive work; remarkable results; and brief pre-op, operation and post-op times. Some of the breast augmentation procedures performed include the use of saline or silicone implants, which are used to enlarge, replace or correct breast tissue or structure for patients.

Many patients in the Southland turn to CVOSC for breast augmentation in Orange County. While a variety of young, old and afflicted patients seek other procedures, such as breast correction, restructuring or even removal of the breasts, augmentation of the female breast is the most popular amongst patients in general. There are several reasons for patients to choose augmentation of their breasts. These include, but are not limited to disproportionate or uneven growth of the breasts; a wish to have overall larger breasts to create bodily balance; and even to create breasts where before there was very little or no breast tissue.

Breast-Augmentation-Orange-County-1Now that you have chosen CVOSC for breast augmentation in Orange County, it is important to go over your immediate and long-term needs. Breasts are an important set of organs that are supported by hormones, immunity strength and the overall health of the patient at hand. Before choosing surgery, your surgeon will review your health to determine what type of augmentation you may ultimately need. Some patients require only a small lift and the grafting of fat deposits from other sources on your body, while other patients require large saline implants, whereas before they had very little or no breast tissue.

As one of the best centers for breast augmentation in Orange County, CVOSC has repeatedly delivered some of the most outstanding surgical results. A vast majority of patients who have had augmentation performed on them report feeling much happier than previously. While there is typically an initial period after surgery when patients adjust to the sensation of enlarged or augmented breasts, these patients indicate a significant improvement in their self-worth and appearance that makes them feel more feminine, balanced and complete. Several patients even complement that procedure with others, such as abdominal liposuction or cool sculpt fat removal locally in neighboring bodily areas.

Breast-Augmentation-Orange-County-3Once you have had your initial consultation for a breast augmentation at our Orange County surgical center, you might need to complete lab tests or a mammogram prior to the surgery. Your doctor will walk you through the necessary steps leading up to your surgery and will give you detailed instructions. For example, you may need to avoid certain medications, like aspirin, in the days and weeks leading up to your procedure. If you smoke cigarettes, your doctor might ask you to stop prior to the surgery. If you have any questions or concerns during the pre-surgery period, our Orange County staff is available to help.

On the day of your scheduled breast augmentation, you will check in with an administrative assistant at our outpatient center. Before undergoing the procedure, one of our experienced nurses will take your vital statistics.

Your vitals will include blood pressure, weight, temperature, and a thorough check of your ear, throat, and nose passages. This information will be shared with the trained anesthesiologist assigned to your procedure, so that we can ensure your safety and preparedness for your breast augmentation. You will change into a comfortable patient gown, head cover, and slippers. At any point during the pre-surgery process, you are encouraged to voice any questions or concerns you have about your breast augmentation procedure so that we can address you and make you feel comfortable. Once you are prepared for the breast augmentation, your surgeon will work to complete a successful operation alongside an experienced medical team. As part of our commitment to offering the best breast augmentation in Orange County, we make sure that you know and understand everything that you should expect for the day of your outpatient procedure.